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Self-taught investor in Austin, Texas. Personal finance enthusiast. Read about my latest investing experiments & career advice here:
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After surviving 2020, I’d argue that everyone needs a side hustle. As we learned, having one source of income — particularly coming from an employer — is incredibly high-risk.

Not all side hustles are created equally, and most articles on the topic suggest either very basic ideas (driving for Uber, delivering food, etc.) that can’t be scaled into a profitable business, or they sell you a pipe dream — you know, “Quit your job in 90 days by starting a Shopify store. My course will teach you everything you need to know, for just one small payment of $999.”


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It was 2016, and I was sitting at my desk at my corporate job in Silicon Valley when a news notification popped up on my MacBook that I couldn’t resist opening; it was about Liang Zhao Zhang, a janitor for BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), who made over $270,000 the previous year. That wasn’t a typo, and you read that correctly; a janitor in San Francisco makes over $270,000 a year.

Liang sometimes works 17 hour days and takes almost every single overtime slot available at his job; in fact, over $162,000 comes from working overtime.

If you haven’t been…

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Saving is Imperative and Very Easy with the Right Mindset

I can’t stress this enough! We all logically know that if we make $60,000 a year and spend $65,000, we will be in trouble-yet, so many Americans do this. So much of this (in my humble opinion) has to do with mindset.

We save and invest very little because we are afraid of missing out. We worry about how others perceive us. We feel that personal finance is a foreign language, and developing a financial plan is too complex. …

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Ah, parents — they mean well and do their best to prepare us for the real world, but looking back at my childhood, I realize that there were a few missed learning opportunities, particularly when it comes to earning money and building a career.

In my family, everyone either went to college or started a business, bought a home as soon as they could afford to, and drove the nicest car possible. …

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The other day I was visiting a friend when her husband asked me the question, “When are you going to buy a house?”

“I don’t know. I have no timeline. When I find a house at a reasonable price that is in a desirable location, I will place an offer. I can’t exactly time the market and I have no foresight into when my ideal home will appear for sale on the MLS”, I responded.

“Just buy anywhere. You can’t go wrong in this market. Austin is growing like crazy, and will continue to do so”, he said.

Sigh. I’ve…

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Ah, Silicon Valley — the city of choice for many aspiring techies or budding entrepreneurs with dreams to “make it big.”

With so many job opportunities at well-established tech companies, a plethora of start-ups to choose from, and countless venture capital firms throughout the valley — it’s easy to understand why so many young people are attracted to the Bay Area.

I wasn’t one of the “budding entrepreneurs” seeking venture capital when I moved to San Jose, California.

I had no preference for a “dream city” when I graduated from college. My main objective upon graduation was to take the…

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After being trapped at home during the pandemic for over a year, I couldn’t wait to break loose and experience all that Austin has to offer once Texas fully re-opened. I relocated from San Jose, California, to Austin, Texas, a few months before the pandemic hit, and it’s felt both isolating and depressing not being able to be out and about.

Now that businesses are operating “normally” (for the most part), my spending has increased since being stuck at home in 2020 (and I’m perfectly fine with that). …

I know you’re probably sick of reading articles about “How I made X amount of dollars as a freelancer, YouTuber, or writer on Medium”, and to be honest, I am too.

My intent is not to focus t on “how I made X amount of dollars online”; I want to provide other new writers/creators with practical advice on creating content that has helped me grow from a follower and views perspective — in addition to discussing the negative consequences of gaining viewership.

Building an audience isn’t an overnight process — any venture worth building takes time — and a lot of it

It’s very easy to get sucked into posts with headlines like, “How I made $15,000 this month as…

Photo Credit: Foundr, Gretta Van Riel

Meet Gretta Van Riel — a multi-millionaire who built her fortune in the world of e-commerce. She’s a serial entrepreneur who founded Skinny Me Tea, Hey Influencers, Drop Bottle, Claytime, and The Fifth.

I came across Gretta from a Foundr advertisement on Instagram — which was most likely targeted towards me as I’ve been itching to get back into e-commerce as of late, and much of my after-hours time on the computer has been spent doing product research.

This isn’t my first rodeo in e-commerce — I tried building a brand once and failed miserably. …

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“When Only Fans stops, Subway will be hiring” internet dating coach, Kevin Samuels remarked in a heated debate with three Only Fans creators on the “Fresh and Fit” podcast back in April.

Chris Below and Hafeez Baoku from “The Roommates” podcast also joined Kevin and provided similar skepticism regarding the longevity of the platform — and their careers.

Their instincts might be correct; just a few weeks ago, Bloomberg announced that Only Fans is seeking a valuation of more than $1 Billion — and they want to move away from adult-related content, as investors tend to shy away from NSFW…

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