Elon’s Right: We Should Go Back to Work — In Person

If you don’t want to succeed, keep working from home

Lauren Como


Photo Credit: Babylon Bee

It’s time for America to go back to work, and I don’t mean virtually.

I’m sure you’ve read by now Elon Musk’s marching orders back to the office for Tesla employees.

Tesla will “create and manufacture the most exciting and meaningful products of any company on Earth. This will not happen by phoning it in”, Elon said.

While I do believe you can be productive from home from the standpoint of accomplishing tasks, you cannot be nearly as collaborative — and collaboration drives innovation.

I work in high-tech sales, and many of the solutions I sell enable remote work.

While I think it’s fantastic to allow employees to call into the occasional early morning meeting from their car as they drop their child off at school, never seeing another human being in real-time is a different story.

100% of the customers I serve agree with my perspective; they want their employees back in the office, and for as much time as possible.

Working Remotely is Dangerous

Not only is working from home less collaborative, but it’s also a hazardous career move.

I’ve spoken to other employees at my company who work in various departments outside of sales, and they often note how glorious their sweat pants and makeup-less days behind the computer screen are.

“At the minimum, you need to turn your camera on”, I say.

Their response?

“Well, it’s different for you because you’re in sales.”

My answer?

“Yeah, you’re right. It is different. I’m tied to a quota and paid off my performance, you aren’t.”

Sales is a black and white discipline. You either make or exceed your quota, or you don’t. When you don’t…well…you know the rest.

When there’s an economic downturn, the easiest people to lay off are the voices on the phone.

It’s much more difficult to let go of the employee that shows up to the office, collaborates with others, spends the time…